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Welcome to The New Home of Cat Radio!

10/30/10:  It's finally fall again, and both Cat Radio feeds are up and running.  We have yet to decide yet if we should start up the Cat Box radio show again, as we don't usually seem to attract many listeners. If we do, it will be either Friday or Saturday Night, between 6pm and 8pm Arizona Time.  If you have a preference as to what day and time  you would like us to broadcast the talk show, email the links next to the Radio Feeds listed below.

Current Cat Radio Time

We currently have two Cat Radio Feeds:

Cat Radio 1 -- Playing the hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s  Cat Tastrophy's Feed.

Cat Radio 2 -- Playing Heavy Metal, Alternative, and Punk.  Cata Pult's Feed.

You can also download the Destiny Player, which is much better quality (and I mean MUCH better quality) than the java type player.  Go here to get the free players:

Destiny Player - PC Version

Destiny Player - Mac Version

Once it's downloaded and installed you can browse the different stations.  Cat Radio 1 is listed under the Music / Miscellaneous Category, and Cat Radio 2 is listed under Music / Metal

Eventually, we will have a weekly schedule put up on here, with times that we will be running either a talk show, or a specific band for an hour, etc.  If you have any ideas or comments, send an email to Cat Tastrophy or on MSN messenger, username  We are also on Myspace.

You can also visit the stations blog called The Scratching Post to see what we are Caterwauling about today.  For those of you that are not familiar with the term:

 Caterwauling \Cat"er*waul`ing\, n.
     The cry of cats; a harsh, disagreeable noise or cry like the
     cry of cats. --Shak.
     [1913 Webster]

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